George M. Forney Home Inspections

Things I've seen

How would you like to turn your exterior light switch on and be shocked?  Good thing it was dry outside that day! Appears that someone failed their electrical exam.

What's that smell? Why does my tub make that funny noise when I flush the toilet? 

Would you be upset if you bought a house and found the vinyl siding was installed to hide the fact that the house was in structural peril?

What do you mean the septic system dumps into the creek?

Return duct to HVAC (Heating AC) system disconnected, drawing air from mold contaminated crawl space and pumping the mold spores throughout the house.

Structural supports removed or needed to prevent future fatigue to structure.

Foundation walls structurally damaged.

Improper materials used in plumbing system.

Electrical panels not wired properly.

Metal roofing not properly installed.

Ice damming in attic.

Condensation damage.

Bird constructed condo built in attic. It was huge!

Solar and other alternative heat sourced constructed houses.

250+ year old homes and many other historic houses.